Spanish Verbatim Transcription

Many recordings, audio and video files are essential to be transcribed exactly as it is for serious purposes. Legal, medical and insurance recordings and many important event recordings need to be transcribed exactly as the source. For such purposes Spanish verbatim transcription services can be used.

Many court proceedings require such a transcription. In this type of verbatim transcription, each and every single word including the small laughter’s, crying, interruptions and one word utterances which are meaningless and noises are transcribed exactly. These Spanish verbatim transcripts are done generally charged more than the normal transcription services.

There are many circumstances that are considered as difficult for verbatim transcription.

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Spanish Verbatim Transcription Services

Audios containing background noise, poorly recorded audios, thick accented audios, technical words such as medical and scientific terminology - all these pose a difficult challenge for a Spanish verbatim transcribe.

Vanan Transcription is a successful Spanish verbatim transcript agency. We indulge in professional transcription services that are over 98% accuracy rate. Our Online Spanish verbatim transcript is a highly efficient one that our clients who used this service are 100% satisfied with the final output.

All our transcriptionists are certified and well experienced personnel with high skills. They understand the importance of timely delivery of our client’s projects whoever small it is and so they are experts in showing quick turnaround time.

Our rates are highly competitive and through our verbatim transcription rates are slightly higher than the normal transcription, when compared with other companies we charge very less for Spanish verbatim transcription without compromising on quality. Contact anytime our Vanan Transcription office to get free quote and free estimation of our services.

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